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Lightly Used T20 Agras

Lightly Used T20 Agras


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T20 Agras – $35,000.00

Selling 4 T20 Agras drones, in great condition and barely used, each drone comes with
1 T20 Smart Controller w/ RTK and charger
6 T20 Intelligent Flight Batteries
2 2600W 4 Channel Battery Chargers
3 T20 Spray Tanks
1 T Series Spreading System

Each drone and accessories will be sold at $35,000 and we are willing to negotiate

We are NOT selling anything separately

Below you will find hours and acres on each drone
Drone 1: 234.89 Acres and 26.79 Flight Hours
Drone 2: 531.66 Acres and 32.89 Flight Hours
Drone 3: 601.67 Acres and 37.83 Flight Hours
Drone 4: 291.14 Acres and 22.29 Flight Hours

Gallatin MO

DO NOT contact Agri Spray Drones directly about this item for sale by owner.
Please contact the seller using the below information.

(660) 953-0184 /


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