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DJI Agras T50

DJI Agras T50


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The Agras T50 elevates drone agricultural operations to new heights.

It inherits a powerful coaxial twin-rotor propulsion system and a split-type torque resistant structure for next level stability when carrying 88 lbs spraying or 110 pound spreading payloads.

The T50 leverages a dual atomizing spraying system, front and rear phased array radars, and a binocular vision system.

The test strip capability is significantly increased with further apart spacing up to 120 feet.

Save time and become more efficient by flying from field to field with multi-mission capabilities.

The Agras T50 excels across multiple scenarios, from surveying to spraying and spreading, guaranteeing stable operations and steady performance.

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10.5 Gallon Spray Tank

2 Sets of Binocular Vision System

Improved Terrain Following

Front FPV & Gimbal Mapping Camera

Up to 4 Rotary Nozzles with Solenoid Shut Off

Product Specifications

Spray System

  • 10.5-gallon liquid tank designed to empty in under 3 minutes
  • Estimated 36-foot swath with pattern consistency across the entire swath
  • Up to four rotary style nozzles spray through centrifugal force rather than pressure, making
    adjusting droplet size as easy as clicking a button
  • Magnetic drive impeller pump with up to 6.34 gal/min (4 nozzles) and 4.23 gal/min (2
  • Live level meter, in addition to on-board scales, provide readings of the remaining volume of
    liquid in tank signaling time remaining in field

Spreader System

  • 19.8-gallon spreader tank designed to hold 110 lbs of granular material
  • Get higher spreading efficiency with the spiral channel spinner disk
  • A jam-free, high-torque spreading motor

Efficiency & Operations

  • Improved terrain following ability with up to 50° in spraying/spreading missions
  • 2 sets of binocular vision and 2 omnidirctional
    radars helping to achieve maximum efficiency
    terrain following and obstacle bypassing
  • 12 mega-pixel camera with adjustable angles
    for a smooth and crisp view
  • 4 aircraft image transmission antennas
  • Complete mapping capability
  • Whole field coverage - up to 50 acres per hour
    at 2 GPA
  • Up to 5 gal/acre while still maintaining 32 ft/sec with a swath of 32 feet
  • Ability to operate continuously with 3 batteries, 1 charger and a generator on site

The Agri Spray Drones T50 full package includes:

  • DJI Agras T50 drone with spray tank and remote control
  • 3 DB1560 Intelligent Flight Batteries
  • C8000 Intelligent Battery Charging Station
  • Agras T50 spreader system
  • Agras T50 battery cooling kit (ASD exclusive)
  • T50 extended coverage - 1 year (ASD exclusive)
  • T50 field ops kit
    Props, 2 RC batteries, a headset, fill-through tank cap)