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Agri Spray Drones

FlyCart 30

FlyCart 30


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Dynamic Aerial Delivery

DJI FlyCart 30 is here to deliver the goods. A long-distance heavy lifter with powerful signal and intelligence, DJI FlyCart 30 supports Cargo mode and Winch mode and ascends beyond traditional logistical limits to deliver a safe, economical, and efficient air transport solution. 

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Send What's Needed, Where It's Needed

Heavy payload capacity and long flight distance overcome logistical limitations fornext-generation delivery.

Great fit for:

  • 30 kg max payload (dual batteries)
  • 40 kg max payload (single battery)
  • 28 km max flight distance without payload (dual batteries)
  • 16 km max flight distance with full payload (dual batteries)
  • 20 m/s max flight speed (with carbon fiber propellers)
  • 15 m/s cruising speed

Cargo Mode: Streamlined and Steady

  • 70 L max capacity
  • 30 kg max payload (dual batteries)
  • 40 kg max payload (single battery)

Winch Mode: Flexible and Precise

  • 30 kg max payload (Dual batteries)
  • 40 kg max payload (single battery)
  • 0.8 m/s max cable speed
  • 20 m max cable length

Product Specifications


  • IP55 protection and corrosion resistance
  • Radars, binocular vision, intelligent obstacle sensing
  • Dual batteries and parachute


  • 6,000 m max flight altitude
  • -4° to 113° operating temperature
  • 12 m/s max wind speed resistance


  • 20 km video transmission with O3
  • 4G enhanced video transmission
  • Dual operator mode
  • High-resolution FPV gimbal camera


  • Foldable
  • 70 L EPP case
  • Winch system

The Agri Spray Drones FlyCart full package includes:

  • FlyCart Drone
  • 4 DB2000 batteries (w/heater)
  • C8000 charger
  • Winch package (Additional Accessory)
  • Operations Kit (Additional Accessory)