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We are more than just a sprayer drone company

Agri Spray Drones is dedicated to providing end-to-end sprayer drone solutions. We have experience in agriculture and experience with our drones. We are creating in-field systems to support more efficient operation, with the goal of making this technology a staple in agriculture and land management.

The T20 controller features intuitive software that is easy to operate. Large spraying operations are completely autonomous. The operator just has to refill the tank and replace the battery. Our LaunchBox system incorporates and automated product mixing station for increased efficiency and ease of use.
The T20 is the most efficient sprayer drone on the market with available 5.2 gallon liquid and granular tanks, capable of covering up to 30 acres per hour. The modular tank and battery decrease refill times to under 1 minute. High capacity pumps and electromagnetic flow meters ensure fast and accurate discharge rates.
The T20 comes equipped with industry leading obstacle avoidance systems, capable of sensing and avoiding obstacles as small as 1 cm in diameter. Every drone we sell comes with personal training, ensuring you know how to operate effectively, and more important, safely.
A uniquely folding frame makes the T20 the most compact 20 Liter sprayer drone when folded. Our LaunchBox takes mobility to the next level. Everything you need to spray all day long fits in the LaunchBox and in the back of your truck. You can be loaded and ready to go to the field in under 15 minutes.
Empowering Rural America

Ag-Tech Entrepreneurs Wanted

We believe in empowering Rural America with new opportunities. Our sprayer and spreader drones offer the perfect opportunity to start a custom aerial application service. Our drones combined with our LaunchBox increases productivity and decreases upfront cost. We will provide you with licensing and insurance resources to help you get up and spraying fast.

Row Crops

Today’s row crop farmers succeed by doing more of their own field work to make sure it’s done right and achieve a higher ROI. The T20 gives farmers the ability to efficiently do their own aerial application. Cover up to 30 acres per hour or use smart tools for spot treatment.

Specialty Crops

Many specialty crops require more care and management than grain crops. The T20 provides an easy and safe solution for repetitive application. Combined with RTK and the DJI Terra, the T20 is capable of some amazing application feats, like automated individual tree application and extreme topography application.

Granular Products

The T20 features a granular tank that installs in under 15 minutes. The tank comes equipped with adjustable spinner speeds, flow rates, and empty tank sensor. Over-seeding cover crops or other seed, dropping beneficial insects, or aerial applying any other granular product has never been more affordable or easy than with the T20.

Wetland Management

The T20 is waterproof and features a DBF imaging radar capable of detecting water surface, making it safe and efficient for treating wetlands, lakes, or rivers. No more spraying from a boat or putting on your waders. Spraying herbicide, spreading fish food, or algaecide are all easily done over water with the T20.

Special Use Treatment

There are many more uses for the T20. Large area sanitation, mosquito control, tree and wooded area management, land conservation, and sustainability efforts are all greatly improved with the use of a T20. Compared to backpack spraying, the T20 offers a huge increase in efficiency plus reduced exposure.

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    Complete Sprayer Drone Solutions

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