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​​Welcome to Agri Spray Drones​! As one of the largest and most experienced distributors of DJI Agras spray drones in the US, we put in the work needed beyond the sale to ensure the success of our customers. Cutting-edge drone technology from DJI provides farmers with the options needed to make the most of their aerial applications while also providing a diverse toolkit needed to fit other uses on the farm.​​

​​​We also offer our customers a range of agricultural spray drone solutions and cutting-edge ag tech to enhance drone operations. Additionally, our extensive selection of parts and accessories ensures you have everything you need for seamless spray drone operation and maintenance.​​​ ​​​​​​​Whether you’re aiming to enhance crop health, increase yield, or conserve resources, our​ line-up of DJI Agras​ spray drones ​and other product offerings ​will help you achieve your goals with unparalleled efficiency and success.

Why Agri Spray Drones?

Empowering Rural America ™

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We're more than just a sprayer drone company

Agri Spray Drones is dedicated to providing end-to-end agricultural drone solutions. Our knowledge of drones, coupled with our experience in agriculture, allows us to create systems that support your operation and promote efficiency. By doing this, we provide you, our drone customer, with the best expertise to ensure you find success in the field.

The Sky is the Limit

We believe in empowering Rural America with new opportunities. Our industry-leading drones provide solutions for every operation. Whether you are looking to spray fungicide, spread cover crops, manage natural resources, or start your own custom application business, we have the drone to fit your needs, and the licensing and insurance resources to help you get in the air fast.


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    Agri Spray Drones has been an invaluable asset with my journey in commercial drone application. They have impeccable customer service, a wealth of information, and plenty of experience to help...

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  • Tom Davies

    I bought a T30 from AgriSpray in May 22. I had issues with the drone from the start. Kit at AgriSpray worked with me extensively to troubleshoot the problem. After...

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  •  Trey Neill

    Not sure where to start here. When I first ordered my drone the communication was sub par at best. Now their communication is awesome. With the hiring of some more...

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