Agri Spray Drones and nuWay Ag Forge Stragetic Partnership, Increase Spray Drone Operational Efficiency

Agri Spray Drones and nuWay Ag Forge Stragetic Partnership, Increase Spray Drone Operational Efficiency

Boonville, MO - June 1, 2024 – Agri Spray Drones is proud to announce a strategic partnership with nuWay Ag, marking a significant milestone in the advancement of spray drone technology. This collaboration underscores a shared commitment to innovation and efficiency, aimed at empowering rural America and transforming the landscape of modern agriculture.

At the heart of this partnership lies the introduction of a revolutionary, mass produced flight deck trailer, crafted by nuWay Ag to revolutionize spray drone operations in agriculture. This innovative trailer, the first of its kind to be produced on an industrial scale, is designed to be customizable, lightweight, and capable of carrying high payloads, offering farmers and custom applicators alike unparalleled flexibility and performance.

"There's one thing that we believe makes spray drones more efficient, and that's operating from a flight deck," said Taylor Moreland, founder and CEO of Agri Spray Drones. "nuWay Ag has not only identified this need but has also pioneered a solution that brings it to the next market level. This trailer is truly made for everyone, it’s a basic package that offers end users the flexibility to build out based on their individual preferences and needs."

Whether batching hot loads or running a mixing station, the possibilities with the nuWay Ag flight deck trailer are endless, providing end users with the tools they need to maximize efficiency and productivity, while lowering barriers to adoption. The result -  empowering end users to embrace drone technology and unlock new levels of profitability.

"While nuWay Ag's innovative spirit and drive are evident in their groundbreaking trailer design, our partnership brings together the best of both worlds," added Moreland. For Mike Yoder, founder of nuWay Ag, “Taylor and AgriSpray are the “OG” drone applicators that were instrumental in bringing spray drones to America. When I heard Taylor say this is the only mass-produced trailer that he would personally recommend, I knew I wanted to find a way to work together. Through AgriSpray’s large dealer network, we hope to make the nuWay Ag trailer available to custom applicators and farmers around the country.”

nuWay Ag's unwavering commitment to empowering rural America, coupled with Agri Spray Drones' extensive network of experienced dealers and customers, positions this partnership as a catalyst for change in the agricultural equipment sector. Together, they are set to redefine the future of on-farm application, one innovation at a time.

Order your nuWay Ag trailer today.


About Agri Spray Drones: Agri Spray Drones is one of the largest and most experienced distributors of DJI Agras spray drones in North America. Founded on the principles of honesty, education, and service, ASD strives to provide customers with the industry-leading support they need to ensure they find success in the field. 

By supplying leading technology solutions that allow individuals across the country to start businesses and create jobs, ASD empowers rural America with new opportunities through direct-to-customer sales, as well as a robust sales partner network.  

About nuWay Ag: Through nuWay Ag and Drone Deer Recovery, our mission is to HELP, LEAD, and EDUCATE the new generation of drone pilots while fostering innovation in the industry. At Drone Deer Recovery, we started a nationwide movement, leveraging thermal drones for game recovery. Moreover, as a DJI Dealer, we have equipped and trained hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs with the necessary equipment to start their own recovery businesses.

Under nuWay Ag, our journey began with spraying thousands of acres. Through our experience, we designed the most efficient drone trailer on the market. Now, our focus has shifted to empowering others to start and operate their own successful spray drone businesses. As a content creator, we produce popular videos that bring attention and education to this huge emerging market.

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