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No, we cannot. However, we are the largest spray drone distributor in the United States with increasing website traffic by the day. With 115,000 YouTube video views per month and 21,000 subscribers, we are positioned as the premiere drone company for farmers.

No, right now we only allow American applicators to post on this map. Things are constantly changing, so be sure and check back in from time to time if you’re a Canadian who is interested.

No, you’re an independent third-party advertising through our listing service subscription.

You can cancel the subscription whenever you want. You will remain listed until the end of your subscription year unless you email with the subject line Custom Applicator Map Removal to have your listing removed. If you want your listing removed immediately, you will not receive a refund.

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  • Attend an ASD training session to become ASD certified or have sufficient experience
  • Be fully licensed by the FAA and state regulations
  • Complete the application form with all information that we request
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