DJI Agras T40

DJI Agras T40
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DJI Agras T40

DJI Agras T40

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Designed to elevate precision farming, the DJI Agras T40 takes crop management to the next level, blending power, efficiency, and sophistication in a user-friendly package. This cutting-edge piece of equipment is more than just a drone; it’s a comprehensive agricultural solution tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern farmers.

The DJI T40 Drone revolutionizes crop spraying through its intelligent operations, optimized spray patterns, and unparalleled flight stability.

The Agras T40 is the proven spraying and spreading drone leader.
Millions of acres have been sprayed and spread with that DJI Agras T40 by our clients in this drones inaugural season. It is easy to operate and has a dependable powertrain with loads of power. The Agras T40 is the drone of choice for the majority of custom applicators.

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Efficient Productivity

That’s the best way to describe the newest addition in the DJI Agras drone line-up. From the lightweight frame to increased tank size and binocular vision, the Agras T40 hits the market with the updated features users have asked for.
As the biggest and most technologically advanced sprayer and spreader drone in the U.S., this “two-drones-in-one” model offers an unsur­passed built-in mapping ability, affording users image capture, image processing, and stitching via the T40 drone and remote.
The features of the T40 spraying and spreading technology decrease crop inputs while increasing yield, user safety, and overall spraying and spreading efficiency.
Great fit for:

  • Precise in-field spot coverage
  • Whole field application
  • Granular fertilizer application
  • Cover crop seeding

Enhanced Spraying Efficiency

Equipped with a 10.5 gallon spray tank, the Agras T40 has an estimated spray swath of 30-feet and a 3-gallon/minute spray output. The T40’s dual atomized centrifugal sprinkler creates a more consistent spray pattern and droplet size while reducing drift.

18.5-gallon spreader tank

Spreading fertilizer and cover crop seed is more efficient with the Agras T40. Designed with an 18.5-gallon spreader tank that can hold up to ~115 lbs. of granular material. The aircraft is equipped with a weighing sensor that monitors the spread quantity and remaining payload

Active Phased Array Radar + Binocular Vision

The active phased array radar is incorporated with a binocular vision sensor system to provide 360-degree horizontal omnidirectional obstacle sensing, offering optimal security. In addition, the T40’s 12-megapixel gimbal FPV camera allows for real-time data acquisition.

Drone Parts

Product Specifications

  • 10.5-gallon liquid tank designed to empty in under 4 minutes
  • Estimated 30-foot swath with pattern consistency across the entire swath
  • Smaller, more reliable rotary pumps located on the tank utilize an unpressurized
    spray system
  • Two rotary style nozzles spray through centrifugal force rather than pressure, making adjusting droplet size as easy as clicking a button
  • Live level meter, in addition to on-board scales, provide readings of the remaining volume of liquid in tank signaling time remaining in field
  • 18.5-gallon spreader tank designed to hold ~115 lbs. of granular material
  • Redesigned spreader cover and frame to create minimal pattern disturbance
  • Equipped with a dump valve and the ability to fill using a seed tender spout
  • Whole field coverage — Up to 40 acres per hour at 2 GPA
  • Combines mapping, spraying and spreading functions using the remote controller and the D-RTK 2 mobile station
  • 12 mega-pixel camera and adjustable gimbal enable easy capture of desired views
  • Fully enhanced remote controller with a 7” display screen for smoother, faster mapping
  • Ability to operate continuously with 3 batteries, 1 charger and a generator on site
  • Complete autonomous mission planning is fast, easy and customizable
  • Equipped with active phased array radar and a binocular vision sensor system to provide 360-degree horizontal omnidirectional obstacle sensing
  • Foldable design reduces the aircraft size by 70% for greater portability
  • Rated IPX6 throughout the entire aircraft, meaning it is water and dust proof 

The Agri Spray Drones T40 full package includes:

  • DJI Agras T40 Drone with Spray Tank and Remote Control
  • Intelligent Battery Charging Station
  • Agras T40 Intelligent Flight Battery (x3)
  • Agras T40 Spreader System
  • Agras T40 Battery Cooling Kit (ASD Exclusive)
  • T40 Extended Coverage-1 Year (ASD Exclusive)
    This 12-month extended drone coverage covers manufacturer defects. Original manufacturer’s warranty is 1-6 months depending on part.
  • T40 Field Ops Kit (ASD Exclusive)
    Includes items such as props, (2) RC batteries, a headset,  fill-through tank cap, and additional items we deem essential for operation. 
  • Agri Spray Drones Training
    Comprehensive remote and in-person training that will teach you about safe and efficient operations and prepare you with the mindset and confidence to effectively operate a drone.
  • Agri Spray Drones Regulations Consulting Package