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Yield Storm AirShocker (5 gallons)

Yield Storm AirShocker (5 gallons)


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Unmatched Drift Control & Yield Enhancement

AirShocker is a revolutionary adjuvant system designed specifically for low-volume aerial application via drone. Industry-leading yield increasing technology, coupled with premium drift reducing capabilities, surfactants, and water conditioners are specifically designed for aerial applications with drones, airplanes, and helicopters.

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Reduces driftable fines

Increases canopy penetration

Increases droplet retention to target

Increases humetancy or retained droplets

Increases yield

  • Contains yield increasing technology
  • Ultra-efficient surfactant package for increased coverage and cuticle penetration
  • AMS-based water conditioning
  • Premium drift reduction and coverage technology

Yield-increasing technology

  • Unique blend of plant derived amino acids, selected to drive multiple plant functions
  • Maximizes plant efficiency by supplying critical amino acids, allowing the plant to stay ahead of energy demands
  • High conversion to plant utilizable form (L-amino acids)
  • University studied and proven to promote yield in a variety of cropping systems
  • Consistent increased yield with the premium delivery system of AirShocker

A proprietary suite of biostimulant activities that maximizes crop efficiencies by supplying readily available energy to the crop, promoting enhanced growth and increased yields

8 oz/ac use rate for 2-5 gallons/ac of application.

This is sold as two 2 x 2.5 gallon jugs. Treats 80 acres.