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It's All About Family

Taylor Moreland (the founder of Agri Spray Drones) began testing sprayer drone technology in 2019. Two things soon became clear:

  • Large sprayer/spreader drones showed amazing potential to revolutionize aerial application.
  • None of the US sprayer drone suppliers had any real knowledge of agriculture, nor a willingness to support Farmers, and Rural Americans, in the adoption of this technology.
Having been raised on a farm, and working directly with farmers all his life, Taylor wanted to change this.

Thus, Agri Spray Drones was born.

Taylor Moreland

From growing up on a Missouri Dairy farm to working as a Pioneer Seed Rep, I have been surrounded by agriculture all of my life. I understand the challenges that farmers face and I have always had an outside-the-box mind to face those challenges. I have been operating drones since 2014 and understand their limitations and advantages. It is my goal to continue the evolution and adoption of this technology.

I am a tinkerer and engineer at heart, I love creating new things and solving problems. The success of rural America is important to me and I believe in helping those in need. This is why in addition to Agri Spray Drones, my wife and I also run FrogMobility, with a goal of helping children find mobility.

We combine a deep knowledge of agriculture, a history of understanding farmers’ needs, and a realistic approach to drone technology. We are the only drone sales company to operate heavy drones in custom application services. By doing this we provide our drone customers with the best expertise, to ensure they find success in the field using our drones. Our experience helps us bring a sense of realism, and honesty to this industry. While other drone sales companies are misrepresenting their drones’ capabilities, in order to stand out, our claims are tested and true.

Customer service is a pillar in our mission. Time is crucial during spraying season. Because of this, we thoroughly train our customers, provide our experience, and keep our phones on, to help you solve issues right away. We keep a full stock of parts and have skilled technicians who can get you back in the air.

With our drones and our support, farmers have been able to apply fungicide to their entire corn crop, custom applicators have started a new business to serve their farming communities, golf courses have been able to keep their greens greener, and so many others have been able to use this technology to improve their business.

The ASD Team

New technology needs more than a guiding light, it needs a helping hand. Meet our dedicated team.

  • Alex Ryan

    Key Account Manager

  • Charlie Booker

    Compliance Manager

  • Elijah Poehlman

    Drone Technician

  • Ian Hollon

    Drone Tech Apprentice

  • Jay Sorg

    Ag Specialist

  • Jen Allen

    Director of Marketing

  • Jordan Sayre

    Key Account Manager

  • Kendra Mitchell

    Office Manager

  • Kit Carlson

    Operations Manager/Lead Drone Technician

  • Ryan (Mac) McClintic

    Warehouse Manager

  • Mikaya Wallis

    Marketing Specialist

  • Misty Williamson

    Marketing Specialist - Events and Sales Enablement

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    Drone Technician

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    Shipping Technician

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    Product Knowledge Specialist

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    Sales Partner Manager

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    Product Knowledge Specialist

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    Sales Manager

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    Drone Technician

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    Media Specialist

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    Drone Technician