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Lightly Used DJI Agras T30 (demo use)

Lightly Used DJI Agras T30 (demo use)


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DJI Agras T30 – $29,500.00

The drone was used strictly for demonstration purposes to promote the technology. It has had no chemicals used, just water. It has less then 10 hours on-task, and less then 15 hours flight time. It’s in great shape and flies perfect.

The bundles includes:

DJI T30 Bundle (Drone+RC)
Wet & Dry Canisters
4x T30 Batteries
2x T30 Smart Charger
DJI RTK Bundle (RTK Unit+Stand)
Champion 10000w Generator
Charging Adaptor for <10min Charge
Spare Parts – Propellers, Nozzles, Pump Seals


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