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Agri Spray Drones

AutoMixer (Ships Early June)

AutoMixer (Ships Early June)


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Simplify batch chemical management with the AutoMixer. Designed for the field, by folks in the field, the AutoMixer from Agri Spray Drones automates chemical mixing by continuously blending products into a small batch tank. This saves time, accurately mixes product, and ensures weather delays don't leave you with hundreds of gallons of mixed product.

Please note this product will be shipped in early June 2024. 

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Simplify Batch Chemical Management

Preorder the pilot AutoMixer! Shipping late April, your AutoMixer will arrive in time for spray season and revolutionize the way you mix chemicals.

How it works

  • Pumps pull product from respective product tanks, blending into a small cone-bottom batch tank (20-60 gal). 
  • You can pump out of batch tanks to fill the drone at any time since the AutoMixer creates a continuous blend.
  • When the batch tank is full, mixer shuts off.
  • The AutoMixer will start back up again as you fill your drone.

Use cases

  • Managing chemical mixing in the field for drone application by creating a continuous blend into a small batch tank.
  • Improving accuracy of mixing chemical.
  • Reducing operator exposure to chemical products and noise pollution.
  • Preventing the need to mix large batches or hot loads which can expose the operator to risk if weather delays are experienced.

Included with purchase:

  • Programmable box unit with touchscreen.
  • Peristaltic pumps that pull product in from separate holding tanks (not included).
  • Level sensor for automatic shutoff.