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Pix4D Fields

Pix4D Fields


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Advanced agriculture mapping software for aerial crop analysis and digital farming


Desktop application with floating license.

Recurrent yearly subscription. Cancel anytime.


Remote sensing
- Collect images using a drone and any standard RGB or select multispectral cameras.
- You can also use Satellite Data Import to enhance your mapping experience with Sentinel-2 satellite data.
- Process imagery with the instant processing engine and get your maps directly in the field: 6.8 GB, 2948 images, 10 min (with the new radiometry module).
- Generate precise orthomosaics, digital surface models, index maps, zones and accurate prescription maps.
- Trim your fields to a desired field boundary to create more targeted outputs.
- Visualize and understand your crop growth stages and stress levels.
- Analyze and compare different layers of information for a full insight of your yield performance and use them to increase crop production and reduce costs.
- Share your maps with all project stakeholders for seamless collaboration using PIX4Dfields PDF report tool or using the share to PIX4Dcloud feature.
- Download all outputs, results and insights and import them into the Farming Management Software of your choice in various industry standard formats.
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