Spray Drone Trailers Q&A

Spray Drone Trailers Q&A

 Your trailer is an important piece to getting your spray drone operation up and running. If you're looking to build a trailer, here are some answers to your most common questions. 


Trailer length and size

If you have a trailer already, don't rush out to buy a custom built one. This is your year. We recommend using this year to learn and then you can make adjustments and upgrade later. 

If you don't have a trailer already, it's very open ended. Here are a few questions you might be asking. 

Do I need an enclosed, flat bed, or top deck?

  • Any of these work, it really depends on crop, terrain, and amount of drones running. Do you want to load on the ground or trailer? You will need a deck to maintain line of sight, but anything you have, you can work with.

How long of a trailer do I need?

  • We recommend at least a twenty-foot trailer, but it really depends. You need at least twelve feet for landing, but you will need to be standing on the ground when landing. You could have a deck with a twenty-foot, so you can stand on the deck while landing.


Mixing system

What is a mixing system?

  • A piece of equipment to mix your chemical to the desired concentration for you

Does Agri Spray have a mixing system?

  • Agri Spray Drones' mixing system is coming soon! 

Do you do a hot mix or a inductor system to mix chemical at the field?

  • Are you looking to hot load or mix every tank? If you hot load, you probably need bigger or more tanks.
  • Trey (ASD Product Knowledge Specialist) kept 500 gallons of hot load in the inductor and 250 gallons of water on hand.

Do you agitate your hot mix? If so, how?

  • Yes, but you also need to watch and make sure it doesn't foam too much. It depends on how you agitate it.
  • Product Knowledge Specialist Trey had three.


Pumps and hose reels

What pumps do I need?

  • Any pump will really work but it depends on how quick a flow and how much money you're willing to spend.
  • Trey: Trey used a Durapump on his trailer.
  • Agri Spray uses Flowserve CT6 HF on all of our trucks and one trailer.

What hose reel do I need?

  • Go on Amazon. Look at the length and width you need. They range from $50-300.
  • Agri Spray uses a 1-inch, 50 foot.

What generators does Agri Spray use?

  • We use Westinghouse. It's an affordable option that will last you a year or two.
  • We do not recommend Generac Generator or Duel Fuel.

How much water do you carry on board?

  • Trey usually kept 250 gallons on board as he was hot loading.


Tank sizes

What tank size do I need?

  • How many acres are you looking to accomplish in a day? What rates are you looking to spray at?
  • This is all based upon the desired rate and desired acres you want to spray per day.
    • 500 gallons tank size at 2 gallons to the acre is 250 acre


 Trailer set ups

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