Agri Spray Drones Customer Receives Energize Missouri Agriculture Grant to Help Fund Drone Technology Implementation

Agri Spray Drones Customer Receives Energize Missouri Agriculture Grant to Help Fund Drone Technology Implementation

Missouri farmer, Tom Stuart, utilized a Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Division of Energy, grant to help offset the cost of the Agras T-30 drone he purchased from Agri Spray Drones in January 2022.

New Bloomfield – On Tuesday, September 14, Missouri farmer and Agri Spray Drones customer, Tom Stuart, was presented a check for $7,500 during a press conference held at the Doug Glick family farm. The reimbursement serves as an effort by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR), Division of Energy, to bring energy-saving technologies to farms across the state of Missouri.

In 2022, a total of $3 million in assistance was provided to reimburse Missouri farmers for qualifying energy-saving equipment and systems that included solar-powered watering systems and fencers, irrigation upgrades, GPS systems for tractors and applicators, drone technology, ventilation and insulation, and many others.

“The Energize Missouri Agriculture program has been a great help to farmers like Tom Stuart and ultimately helps reduce the cost of energy that our agricultural communities need. Mr. Stuart received the reimbursement for a highly-specialized drone that he uses to inspect fields, document features, and identify soil moisture and soil health,” said MDNR Director, Dru Buntin. “Offering energy-saving projects like this benefit farm families and ultimately, our rural communities.”

As a company, the Agri Spray Drones business model is centered on empowering rural communities through the creation of opportunities that create the revenue streams needed for small agricultural businesses to grow and the next generation to return to the family farm.

“Drones are an opportunity for Missouri farmers, and I appreciate what Taylor and his crew at Agri Spray Drones are doing,” said grant recipient and drone customer, Tom Stuart. “Bringing the drone into my operation has enabled me to do my own fungicide and foliars over my corn without having to hire an airplane or helicopter. The drone gives me more opportunities to get it done more affordably since I’m doing it myself. I’ve also been able to do the same thing, foliar and fungicide, on my beans and wheat, and I probably wouldn’t have if all that application expense had to come out of my pocket.”

Missouri Governor, Mike Parson, concluded the press conference with a message of praise and encouragement for Missouri farmers and the programs and technologies that are helping them to find profitability and efficiency amongst high input costs and market volatility.

“Today is about the future of our state, by putting these grants out there to help bring these technologies to the farm, these young kids that are here today are going to have a shot at being farmers – technology is the only way that they are going to have a shot at farming,” Parson said. “We have to do our best to help any way we can.”

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