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Boonville, MO
Full time

If you enjoy designing, engineering, building, making, creating, problem solving, and learning, then this is your calling.

We are in need of a Product Engineer who will work to design a portfolio of products to support our main products, spray drones. All of these products will be solutions to problems that our team and our customers have. This will be an incredibly hands on position with a wide variety of responsibilities, and plenty of freedom for creativity. You will have time to dive deep and work on your own. You will also need to collaborate and work with our team and our customers.

We already have a small portfolio of products that are in prototype or beta testing phase. You will be responsible for taking the lead on these prototypes to iterate and see them through to a final product, which you may also be responsible for overseeing production.

You will mostly work in our Boonville, MO location. There will be opportunity to travel in order to meet with clients for R&D.

Skills you must have:

  • Ability to see problems and inefficiencies in order to develop solutions.
  • Ability to communicate with a team or individuals and learn their needs
  • Self motivation and resourcefulness to learn new things.
  • Personal responsibility to see and project through completion and ensure its success
  • An understanding of the importance of organization and communication
  • Experience with electronics, stepper motor and brushless motor control, wiring, ac and dc power, and
  • Basic understanding of motion controller programing
  • Basic understanding of arduino and rpi
  • CAD and 3D printing
  • Mechanical experience with basic tools
  • Basic welding and metal working experience

This is a growing industry and we are a fast growing company.

Our mission is to Empower Rural America and your products will helps us do just that.


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