How long can a sprayer drone fly on one battery charge?

How long can a sprayer drone fly on one battery charge?

Flight times per battery charge vary depending on battery and ambient temperature, payload weight, wind and how quickly the drone empties its payload. With each of our drones, one battery charge can last two tank loads when spraying at a 2+ gallons per acre (GPA) rate.

However, this factor depends ultimately on field geometry; with the average battery life lasting around 8-12 minutes. Agri Spray Drones recommends having extra batteries and suggesting a minimum of three for the DJI Agras T30 Drone. 

The Expectations

With over 1,000 drone batteries in the field, we sat down with Kit, our Agri Spray Drone repair technician to learn more about Agras T-30 spray drone battery expectations.
“On average, six to eight minutes is how long it takes to spray out a tank – and the battery will last longer than that,” he says. “However, various factors impact the overall flight time per battery charge.”

Kit suggests for efficiency swapping out the battery with each tank refill. While each Agras spray drone contains a different liquid and granular tank size and offers different acres per hour rates, Kit says the DJI Agras batteries are rated for a thousand charged cycles.

“We offer a Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery, so for the T30 battery it’s a 29,000 milliampere hour, 51.8 volt battery,” Kit says, “Based on testing that Taylor led last summer, using the T-30 you will need at least three batteries and that is exactly what we use when we go out and do a custom application.”

When it comes to charging, efficiency is key. The Agri Spray Drones team is focused on how to make drone use as efficient as possible to meet agriculture production needs.

“At minimum, I suggest to people that they need a 9,000 running watt generator. With that capacity, a battery usually charges around eight to nine minutes,” he says.

Like all technologies, ag sprayer drone technology continues to improve, that’s why our team prides itself on serving as an education and knowledge hub resource for anyone interested in incorporating a sprayer drone into their operation or beginning a custom application business. We encourage and look forward to answering your questions and are always just a phone call or email away.

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