5.28 Gallon / 20 Liter
Spray Tank

Radar with
Binocular Vision

Entire System is

Front FPV & Gimbal
Mapping Camera

Lightweight &

Rotary Style

Performance and Value

Discover the remarkable Agras T20P drone – a perfect balance of lightweight design and powerful performance. This agile drone boasts the capability to carry a spraying payload of up to 5.28 gallons and a spreading payload of up to 55 pounds with an extended flight time compared to the T40 (12 minutes hover time with full tank).

With its advanced features like the dual atomized spraying system, active phased array radar, and binocular vision, the T20P is a powerhouse. From surveying and mapping to precise spraying and spreading, this versatile drone supports multiple operations, providing superior performance and unmatched value. Unleash its potential and elevate your agricultural practices to new heights with the Agras T20P.

Great fit for:

  • Test plots and research
  • Spot, variable-rate application
  • Specialty use applications
Seamless Compatibility with the Agras T40​

Meet the Agras T20P, the T40’s compact and portable counterpart. With the T40’s DNA, this drone offers the same reliability and performance in a lighter package. Benefit from seamless compatibility, as you can use T40 batteries, charger, and interchange many parts like props, motors, and pumps. Embrace the versatility and convenience of the Agras T20P for all your aerial needs.

Enhanced Spray System

Achieve precise and consistent product application with the innovative dual atomized spray disc and 5.28-gallon spray tank. The advanced design guarantees even distribution for optimal coverage, while boasting the same nozzles and 30-foot spray swath as a T40. Unmatched by any other drone in its size, it can also discharge the 5.28-gallon liquid tank in under 2 minutes.

Turbocharged Remote Controller

Discover effortless mapping like never before with the turbocharged remote controller. Driven by an 8-core processor, it empowers you to map 16 acres in just 10 minutes! You can even create spot spraying missions directly in the field, thanks to this cutting-edge feature. With the mapping feature, you can easily create or import spot spraying missions from agricultural software, and the remote can process them or generate in-field.

5.28 Gallon Spray Tank

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Two Rotary Style Nozzles

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Front and rearward facing radar combined with binocular vision

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IPX6K water and dust resistant and able to be power washed

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12 mega-pixel gimbal camera

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Foldable design reduces the aircraft size by 77%

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Product Specifications

  • 5.28-gallon liquid tank designed to empty in under 2 minutes
  • Estimated 30-foot swath with pattern consistency across the entire swath
  • Two rotary style nozzles spray through centrifugal force rather than pressure, making adjusting droplet size as easy as clicking a button
  • Live level meter, in addition to on-board scales, provide readings of the remaining volume of liquid in tank signaling time remaining in field
  • 6.60-gallon spreader tank designed to hold ~55 lbs. of granular material
  • Redesigned spreader cover and frame to create minimal pattern disturbance
  • Equipped with a dump valve and the ability to fill using a seed tender spout
  • Whole field coverage — Up to 25 acres per hour at 2 GPA
  • Combines mapping, spraying and spreading functions using the remote controller and the D-RTK 2 mobile station
  • 12 mega-pixel camera and adjustable gimbal enable easy capture of desired views
  • Longer flight time than T40 (12 minutes hover time with full tank)
  • Swappable parts with T40 for easy interchangeability
  • Turbocharged remote controller with a 7” display screen for smoother, faster mapping
  • Ability to operate continuously with 2 batteries, 1 charger and a generator on site
  • Complete autonomous mission planning is fast, easy and customizable
  • Equipped with active phased array radar and a binocular vision sensor system to provide 360-degree horizontal omnidirectional obstacle sensing
  • Foldable design reduces the aircraft size by 77% for greater portability
  • Rated IPX6K throughout the entire aircraft, meaning it is water and dust proof

The Agri Spray Drones T20P full package includes:

  • Agras T20P Drone with Spray Tank and Remote Control
  • Intelligent Battery Charging Station
  • Agras T40 Intelligent Flight Battery (x2)
  • Agras T20P Spreader System
  • T20P Coverage Plan -1 Year (ASD Exclusive)
    This 12-month extended drone coverage covers manufacturer defects. Original manufacturer’s warranty is 1-6 months depending on part.
  • T20P Field Ops Kit (ASD Exclusive)
    Includes items such as props, (2) RC batteries, a headset,  fill-through tank cap, and additional items we deem essential for operation. 
  • Agri Spray Drones Knowledge and Support
    Features exclusive access to our knowledge hub filled with a wealth of valuable information and resources, our comprehensive 7-hour drone training course and tech support.
  • Agri Spray Drones Regulations Consulting Package

Three Batteries + Charger for Continuous Operation

With fewer supporting components needed, the Agras T30 is easier to transport. A newly designed intelligent battery is covered by warranty for 1,000 charges and 4,942 acres of flight; this ultra-long service life significantly reduces operating costs. The charging station and smart charging hub can fully charge a battery in 10 minutes, allowing for continuous operation with three batteries and one charger. The standard safety box helps ensure battery safety and easy equipment storage.

DJI Agras T30 Intelligent Flight Battery

The 29,000mAh Intelligent Flight Battery has a product guarantee of 1,000 cycles. It supports instant charging without the need for cooldown, circuit board-level potting protection, and resistance from water and corrosion.

DJI Agras T30 Intelligent Battery Station

The T30 Battery Station provides 7,200 watts of charging power and can charge a battery in 10 minutes. It also has a backup power system and supports dual-channel alternated charging with power adaptation and safer operation.

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