2.64 Gallon / 8 Liter Spray Tank

Advanced Spherical Radar System

IP67 Water and Dust Resistance

Real-Time Visual Monitoring System

Autonomous High Precision Operation

Smart Agriculture Cloud Platform

The Lightweight Workhorse

Weighing less than 55 lbs., the T10 is the lightest sprayer drone on the market. This feature, coupled with the T10’s quick swap 2.64-gallon liquid tank and battery, make it the ideal sprayer drone for small test plots and spot application. The aircraft is equipped with dual, long-range cameras and a spherical radar system to ensure safety during operation.

Great fit for:

  • Test plots
  • Spot application
Precision Spraying
The Agras T10 features a four-nozzle design with an output rate of up to .64 gallons per minute. A dual-channel solenoid flowmeter controls the nozzles for even spraying and precise volume control, critical for pesticide spraying.
Spherical Radar System

The spherical radar system perceives obstacles and surroundings in all environments, weather conditions, and viewing angles. Automatic obstacle avoidance and adaptive flight functions help ensure safety during operation.

Optimal Route Planning

The new intelligent route mode independently plans the best route for each operation. A gauge indicates the remaining liquid payload amount and estimated time until refill in real-time, letting operators strike the perfect balance between payload and battery life. The aircraft also supports automatic edge sweeping for extensive spray coverage and easier aerial operation.

Fast Switching and Efficient Spreading

The Agras T10 can switch to a spreading system in just three minutes. A capacity of 2.64 gallons and spreading width of up to 23 feet support an hourly productivity of 14 acres. It also supports real-time weight monitoring and has an anti-rotation sensor, allowing more accurate refill alerts. This system also supports real-time weight monitoring and has an anti-rotation sensor, allowing more precise refill alerts.

Product Specifications

  • 2.64-gallon liquid tank with a .63 gallon per minute spray rate
  • Equipped with 4 TeeJet nozzles and a 16-foot swath 
  • Controlled by a dual-channel electromagnetic flow meter to ensure even and accurate spraying
  • Swappable liquid tanks allow for quick refill and multiple product use 
  • 2.64-gallon spreader tank designed to hold ~20 lbs. of granular material

  • Whole field coverage — Up to 15 acres per hour at 2 GPAand 20 acres per hour at 1 GPA
  • Ability to use the T20 batteries, extending the overall flighttime by more than 15 minutes 
  • Weighing under 55 lbs., a special weight exemption is not required to operate the aircraft
  • Heat resistant batteries are able to recharge as fast as you deplete them
  • Ability to operate continuously with 4 batteries, 1 charger and a generator on site 
  • Completely autonomous mission planning is fast, easy and customizable 
  • Equipped with an industry-leading spherical radar system designed to detect obstacles around the entire airframe, minimizing accidental crashes
  • Ability to fold to 30% of its original size, making it easy to transport
  • Rated IP67 throughout the entire aircraft, meaning it is water and dust proof 
  • Spot application is easy with smart tools like dual cameras and the DJI Smart Farm mapping platform 

The Agri Spray Drones T10 full package includes:

  • Agras T10 Drone with Spray Tank and Remote Control
  • T10 Intelligent Battery Charging Station
  • Agras T10 Intelligent Flight Battery (x4)
  • Agras T10 Spreader System and additional spray tank
  • T10 Extended Coverage-1 Year (ASD Exclusive)
    This 12-month extended drone coverage covers manufacturer defects. Original manufacturer’s warranty is 1-6 months depending on part.
  • T10 Field Ops Kit (ASD Exclusive)
    Includes items such as a headset, extra remote battery, fill-through tank cap, and additional items we deem essential for operation.
  • Agri Spray Drones Training
    Comprehensive full-day, classroom-style training that will teach you about safe and efficient operations and prepare you with the mindset and confidence to effectively operate a drone.

Four Batteries + Charger for Continuous Operation

With fewer supporting components needed, the Agras T10 is easier to transport. A newly designed intelligent battery is covered by a 1-year warranty for 1,000 charges and 1,650 acres of flight; this ultra-long service life significantly reduces operating costs. The charging station and smart charging hub can charge a battery in 10 minutes, allowing for continuous operation with just four batteries and one charger. The standard safety box helps ensure battery safety and easy equipment storage.

DJI Agras T10 Intelligent Flight Battery

The 9,500mAh Intelligent Flight Battery has a product guarantee of 1,000 cycles. It supports instant charging without the need for cooldown, circuit board-level potting protection, and resistance from water and corrosion.

DJI Agras T10 Intelligent Battery Station

The T10 Battery Station provides 3,600 watts of charging power and can charge a battery in 7 minutes. It also supports dual-channel alternated charging with power adaptation for safer operation.

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