Agras T20LaunchboxAgras T20 Agri Spray Drone

  • Simply the best sprayer/spreader drone of it’s size.
  • Apply up to 30 acres per hour.
  • 5.2 gallon swappable liquid and granular tanks.
  • Fully autonomous and easy to use.


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operations over a variety of terrains, such as broadacre farmlands, terraces, and orchards. New features, like an omnidirectional digital radar, have helped the T20 take stability and flight safety to the next level, providing users with highly efficient results.

  • 20 L Spray Tank.
  • Autonomous High-Precision Operation.
  • IP67 Rating for Core Modules.
  • Omnidirectional Digital Radar.
  • Real-Time Visual Monitoring System.
  • AI Intelligent Agriculture Engine.


  • AGRAS T20 User Manual v1.2 
  • AGRAS T20 T Series Spreading System User Guide v1.0
  • AGRAS T20 Quick Start Guide v1.0 



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