agri spray dronesagriculture dronessprayer dronesAgras MG-1P Agri Sprayer Drone

  • Smaller platform drone for smaller jobs.
  • 2.6 gallon liquid tank with available granular tank.
  • Fully autonomous and easy to use.


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A single MG-1P controller can control up to five MG-1P aircrafts simultaneously, doubling the efficiency of single-pilot operations.This new intelligent remote controller extends the control range to up to 3 km[1] and supports high-resolution video transmission within that range, ensuring flight safety.The new remote controller also supports 4G wireless communications, an interchangeable battery, and new antenna design, providing even more convenience for daily operations.



  • AGRAS MG-1P / MG-1P RTK User Manual v1.0
  • AGRAS MG-1P / MG-1P RTK Quick Start Guide v1.0
  • MG-12000P Flight Battery User Guide v1.0



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