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Thank you for your purchase from Agri Spray Drones. You are probably wondering, now what?  This page helps guides you through the next steps after purchasing your drone. 

Find additional resources and guides in our customer resource folder. Please bookmark this page so you can easily reference the resources below. 

Your Guide to Getting in the Sky

Setup and Registration
Set Up Equipment

Click the link below and select your equipment model to access the step-by-step guide to ensure you have all the parts and correctly activate your device.

Access Set Up Guides

Start Your Regulations

Before taking flight, you must complete some key regulations items. Access our checklist to get started. 

Access the regulations checklist

Access and Review Resources
Customer Resource Folder

Our customer resource folder has guides that walk you through how to setup your drone, install the spreader system, training videos and more! We continue to add new resources and how-to guides, so make sure to check the folder regularly. We also recommend checking out our YouTube channel where we post training films.

Access the Customer Resource Folder

107 Study Guides

Access the FAA Part 107 study guides below.  If you prefer an online course, we recommend Drone Launch Academy.

Access the FAA 107 Study Guide

Find a Testing Center and Register for the 107 Test

Agri Spray Drones Social Channels

Ready to soar to new heights? Follow us on social media to gain access to cutting-edge video resources that will revolutionize your drone expertise. Connect with a buzzing community of like-minded farmers and drone owners, where valuable insights and camaraderie await!





Agri Spray Drones Private Facebook Group

Training and Testing
Register for Training

These trainings are a valuable resource that walk you through topics such as setup, mapping, drone and remote settings and make sure you are in the mindset of drone operator as you prepare for your first flight. There are three ways you can access the training: in-person, virtual or the online self-paced course.  


Register for Training

Register for Farm-i-tude 137 Testing

Needing to get in the sky and spraying chemical right away? Register to test and fly under the Farm-i-tude 137 program.


Register for Farm-i-tude Testing

Licensing and Regulations 
Regulations Resources

Before you embark on your drone adventures, make sure you're soaring within the legal skies. Access our comprehensive resources on drone regulations to ensure you have all the proper paperwork and checklist essentials covered, guaranteeing a smooth takeoff and a worry-free flight experience!

Regulations Resources

Drone Insurance
Drone Insurance Partners

Fly with peace of mind and protect your drone investment by securing the right insurance coverage. Access our network of trusted drone insurance partners, ensuring you find the perfect policy that suits your needs, so you can focus on capturing breathtaking moments from above without worrying about the unexpected.


Preferred Drone Insurance Partners

Need Help?

General Questions

For all general questions about your shipment, training and testing call 573-519-5000 and press “0” for the operator or email [email protected]

Tech Support and Parts

If you need help troubleshooting an issue on your drone or ordering parts, contact our team of drone techs. If no one is able to answer your call that means our team is on the phone with another customer.  Please leave a voicemail or send a text and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Tech Support Department: 573-306-2818
Parts Department: 573-575-8441 


Are the FAA regulations and process clear as mud? Reach out to our team to gain some insight and clarity. 

Email [email protected]

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