Agras T40 Training Course

Designed to teach you about safe and efficient operations, this training will prepare you with the mindset and confidence to effectively operate a drone. Download the training packet below and follow through the course videos available for each section. 

1. Introduction

A brief overview of how the course is structured and what we will be covering in the material.

2. Getting Started — Equipment

This lesson covers the equipment you receive and how to get it initially set up. 

3. Getting Started — Support

Our team is here to help you. In this lesson, learn what resources are available to you and how to contact our tech team when you need assistance.

4. Getting Started — Licensing

Learn the ins and outs of the licensing and exemptions needed to fly your spray drone. 

5. Thinking Like a Drone

In this lesson, we cover what you need to think about in preparation for an operation. 

6. Boundaries and Mission Planning

This section provides a general overview of how you can create maps for your operations.

7. Creating Field Boundaries on the Remote

See first-hand how to create field boundaries on the Agras T40 remote . 

8. Basic Route Editing and Saving

This lesson builds on the last showing you how to edit the paths within the field boundaries you created in the last lesson and how to save them.

9. Advanced Route Editing

Next see the tools available and how to make advanced route edits for situations such as doing test plots and running multiple drones.

10. Drone Settings

The DJI software allows you to customize settings based on the different operations you are doing. Learn in this section about the different setting functionalities and how to adjust them. 

11. Field Operations Setup

In this section, we cover equipment and trailer setup needed for when you are in the field including pump systems and generator requirements. 

12. Agriculture Management System

Learn more about the DJI cloud and how to manage the data from each of your missions. 

13. Activation and Setup

See step-by-step how to fully activate and setup your Agras T40.

14. Drone Ownership Transfer

Learn how to transfer the ownership of the drone in the AGMS and on your mobile device.

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