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Agri Spray Drones LLC is a full service drone sales firm that helps producers and landowners utilize unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) in liquid and granular application for various types of agricultural production and land management. We specialize in the latest sprayer drone technology with tested products and efficient processes.

Our Experience & Measures

At Agri Spray Drones, we work tirelessly to test, ground truth, and innovate. We promote products and processes that have been proven in the field. Therefore, clients are afforded the utmost confidence in our products and support. We strive to provide solutions that are real and accurate. We accomplish this through our firsthand knowledge of the capabilities of this technology.

We will never stop looking for new ways to utilize this technology to benefit our clients. As we develop new solutions and techniques by constantly refreshing our perspective, we promise to share what we learn.
We are here for you. We commit ourselves to each and every enterprise that strives to find new ways to do business with our products. We can help you grow and also help you solve problems along the way.
Return on Investment
It is our number one goal to provide tools and processes that enable our clients to achieve their goals more efficiently and with less expense. Thus, allowing for sustained growth and success.
We provide more than just drones and drone components. We also provide FAA licensing, applicator insurance, and technical support.

Our Dedicated Team


Taylor Moreland

From growing up on a Missouri Dairy farm to working as a Pioneer Seed Rep, I have been surrounded by agriculture all of my life. I understand the challenges that farmers face and I have always had an outside-the-box mind to face those challenges. I have been operating drones since 2014 and understand their limitations and advantages. It is my goal to continue the evolution and adoption of this technology.
I am a tinkerer and engineer at heart, I love creating new things and solving problems. The success of rural America is important to me and I believe in helping those in need. This is why in addition to Agri Spray Drones, my wife and I also run FrogMobility, with a goal of helping children find mobility. – Taylor

Business Development Manager/Sales

KD Bohon

From Missouri, I have a background that includes experience in both the construction and agriculture industries. I am a graduate of the University of Missouri, with a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Systems Management, and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. My current interests include technology and business, and how blending these two facets can help growers and land managers become more successful. My wife Mary and I have two children. My family and I love spending time together outdoors, whether on the lake, in a river, or at the beach. – KD


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